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An absence of a cohesive system causes administrative overhead, commitments, and costs that can hinder the management of an efficient workforce. Taking advantage of this expertise, we offer our clients transparent, effective, and well-trained professionals, whether on site or through outsourcing. Having worked together for years, these professionals understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

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$ 190 month

8 hours per month,
1 year seniority,
Web & E-commerce

Start Up

290 month

10 hours per month,
> 3 years of experience,
Slack communication, Assistance,
Web & E-commerce, Apps

Start Up Smart

560 month

15 hours per month,
> 3 years experience, Communication-Slack, Assistance & Design, Web & E-commerce, Apps, Blockchain

Start Up Fast

790 month

Communication-Slack, Assistance & Design,
Web & E-Commerce,
Apps, Blockchain, Fin Tech, AR, VR, 20hours/month,
> 3 years of experience

Start Up Grow

1300 month

More than 5 years of experience, 30hours/month, Communication-Slack, Assistance, Design & Development, Web & E-commerce, Apps, Blockchain, FinTech, AR, VR, IoT, Robotics, e-Health, AI, Computer Vision.


Outsourcing Projects

If you would like to outsource your entire project we can disscuss that upon request

Outsourcing Projects Upon Request

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