The company is one of the leaders in e-learning solutions and specializes in educational app development.


Through the provision of diverse e-learning software solutions, Knowledge Exchange Technologies is transforming the way learning and knowledge sharing takes place for everyone including educational institutions, education content providers, corporate training centers, and e-learning software vendors.


In the healthcare industry, digital transformation has experienced phenomenal growth. This fact is only strengthened by modern medicine. Providing IT solutions that improve health care by enabling new models of health care and improving customer satisfaction and compliance. By improving outcomes at a sustainable cost, we can transform data into actionable insights and deliver more innovative products and services to help you transform your healthcare enterprise.



The company provides an effective e-commerce solution that ensures results regardless of the scale of your business operations.  Whether you are a startup or a large company, we can help.Our services help businesses improve their online presences for increased traffic, better profitability, and high performance.


Our scalable enterprise portal services help you design and develop e-commerce websites or improve existing ones from scratch. Our company has provided e-commerce solutions to retailers, manufacturers, and wholesalers.



The company provides IT solutions for the retail industry that help businesses become more efficient and modernize their in-store experiences through innovative technologies like mobile, big data, cloud, IoT, and more. Retail enterprises have turned to us for our vast experience in revamping customer interactions, building the digital stores of tomorrow, boosting customer engagement through mobile, and combining supply chain management.


To help retailers achieve better operating efficiency and deliver on brand promise, we provide comprehensive support.


Maintaining a competitive advantage can be difficult in the banking and insurance sector. By reducing inefficiencies and streamlining processes, we can help you create more competitive advantage and better retain customers.


Digitization has led to easier access to banking and insurance.Innovation, robustness, security, and optimization are required to keep up with customer demands. We provide innovative, creative solutions to enhance your digital presence, diminish the competitive advantages of your competitors, and achieve your business targets.


The health, fitness, and leisure industries have been affected greatly by technological advances. As a tech consultancy and product developer, we ensure that your company will grow and maintain its customer base. As a result of social media, mobile technology, and increased content, consumer expectations are increasing day by day. We help you meet and exceed these expectations with our IT services.


We provide tight management solutions so that sports clubs can sustainably engage fans with BARTHELEMY TECHNOLOGIES PVT LIMITED. With content delivered directly to smartphones and tablets, we assist sports clubs in diversifying and innovating new revenue streams.


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