Digitization of catalogs

Digital furniture: Is it the future?

Digitization has had a considerable effect on home interiors, specifically furniture. With so much technology incorporated in the design itself, it’s no wonder that this field has seen so much innovation. Thus, furniture that previously would not be possible is now being produced. Innovating approaches result from this.



Photo shoot alternatives

Digitization really helps to arrange for photo shoots at locales that didn’t seem possible earlier. Our creativity is enhanced by digitization.



What purpose does this serve?

A company that is looking for radical changes in how they manage data would benefit the most from this technology.



How do we get started?

You can reach out to us and our Product Digitization experts will provide you with assistance.



In what situations does this apply?

There are an endless number of possible applications for this technology. That’s why we offer both the high-end poly and the low-end poly versions.



3D modeling: Why should you do it?

For organizations with a variety of products and services, 3D modeling is the best option.


According to our experience, 3D modeling is beneficial because:


  • You can demonstrate complicated and expensive products without installing them.
  • This ensures that you are ready to launch when you intend to, or sooner.
  • The product can be shown on the outside, from the inside, or in action, so you can easily illustrate how it works.
  • Compared to expensive photo shoots and uncertainties, it can be a more affordable option.
  • 3D photography does not have the problems of bad weather (unless you want it), flight expenses, or sick people on the day of the shoot. There are no uncertainties left.

What makes us unique?

We offer contemporary, state-of-the-art solutions based on our nearly 25 years of experience. As a result, we can also be more predictive, so our solutions can also respond to future requirements.



How does it go from here?

Reach out to us for assistance in digitizing your operations. Also available on this page are details regarding high and low end poly modeling.


A smarter approach to product digitization

No matter if they’re B2B or B2C, organizations are increasingly embracing digitization. Sales, marketing, suppliers and other stakeholders in the chain all contribute to this demand. Thus, data storage has to be centralized and categorized in an easy to access manner for all stakeholders.


Disclosure is the lifeblood of your business

Digitization of documents

  • Government Documentation: Current Challenges
  • The Digitization Services We Offer
  • Document Digitization and its Advantages
  • Differentiating Factors
  • Our Document Digitization Accomplishments

The current state of organizational documentation is lacking what?

In large companies, a lack of digitization leads to more manual work. Despite their best efforts, the workforce creates a backlog of work as they struggle to expedite their work. There is also a lack of communication and collaborations among all the stakeholders in the downstream processes due to the absence of a centralized platform. Growth is hampered by the lack of a unified, centralized system.


We can help in what way?

BARTHELEMY TECHNOLOGIES PVT LIMITED offers a wide range of tools, resources, and services to help you convert paper records/manuscripts into a standardized digital format. We have received an illustrious client base as a result of our broad spectrum of document digitization services.


The tools

Scanners that can scan up to A1 size books, flatbed scanners, scanners with a V-cradle (for delicate books), ADF scanners, and scanners that can scan microfilm, microfiche, and Aperture cards.


Our Expertise

We can scan from a wide variety of sources to any type of image format thanks to our perfect combination of technology and expertise.


What are the benefits of document digitization?

The use of paper records and logbooks is rapidly fading away. Companies and governments are interested in digitizing their records in an effort to improve efficiency. Digital documents can be accessed and retrieved quickly while also reducing physical file storage space.


In short,

  • Digital platforms make information more easily accessible.
  • Data can be retrieved, tracked, updated, closed, and used with ease.
  • There is less manual intervention, resulting in better security and fewer errors.
  • Due to the use of digital encryption, the authenticity of data can be preserved.
  • Provides lifelong data preservation.
  • Unified platform for decentralized data.
  • Work processes and business operations are being accelerated.
  • Helps reduce the chances of sensitive information being counterfeited.

BARTHELEMY TECHNOLOGIES PVT LIMITED enables all organizations to accelerate business processes, increment profitability, and develop productivity with unique Machine Intelligence solutions.We provide administrations that allow you to stack data from multiple sources.


Associative groups are allowed to:


  • To anticipate the most popular future items/administrations, comprehend customer behavior.
  • Speed up the process of completing forms like credit endorsement by automating intelligent functions.
  • To determine how well the organization is doing, consider past and current statistics.

What makes us unique?

Easily accessible

The retrieval and access of digital records are quickly achievable.


Original records are always correctly reflected in the retrieved file.


Each letter, number, and symbol in the document is clearly identifiable.


An accessible program allows stakeholders to open and read the records.

A reliable resource

It is possible to access the original record each time an electronic record is accessed.


Creators/editors’ input is correctly recorded and can be substantiated if necessary.


What are the results of document digitization?

  • With our experience, students’ data and examination records have been digitally digitized for top universities and educational boards all over the world.

  • Digitization of historical manuscripts for national archives, genealogical companies, libraries, and other international repositories.

  • In addition to several European agencies, our scanning services have benefited our valued customers across the globe.

BARTHELEMY TECHNOLOGIES PVT LIMITED’s ML design and software engineers continuously tweak the model parameters until the results of the AI model get completely adequate, based on the assessments made by the AI model.


Our Machine Learning services include the following:


  • Insights into cognitive processing

Utilizes advanced machine learning solutions to understand and translate unstructured data quickly. By implementing machine learning solutions, we are able to decipher and interpret patterns and trends, so that we can better serve our clients.


  • Providing cognitive engagement

We provide customers with incoming requests and answers about stock availability, product options, technical support, billing and account interactions, and escalation to human agents whenever necessary.


  • Automation using cognitive techniques

We offer AI solutions to help computerize business forms at various stages, from complex exchanges to daily tasks, for example, filling out forms and sending e-mails.

Identify your brand through attractive design

We know the importance of a good layout, so we are here to take your product to your right customer.