Big Data

Big Data: The digital revolution

As more companies use Big Data analytics to gain quicker access to data, thereby making better business decisions that result in higher profits, optimized operations, and loyal customers, Big Data analytics is soon going to be too hard to ignore.


With BARTHELEMY TECHNOLOGIES PVT LIMITED, companies can develop a long-term digital transformation strategy based on cost-effective Big Data architecture.


By making some changes to your business, we aim to increase its effectiveness. Data analysis is made easier through the use of solutions we develop. In the global marketplace, businesses will be able to make informed business decisions based on Big Data, which gives them an edge.

We understand the importance of having a solid business idea

We offer the following value drivers through our Big Data services:

Managing multiple risks

By reducing complexity, we can manage risks and select investment/return opportunities.


Online self-service

Supports customer service by using data, so that the organization can improve its product and services.


Integration of data

Builds a fully integrated information value chain that uses data to improve views of digital transformation.


Data Aggregation for Big Data

Data is used to enable new business models, as well as to collect as much customer data within legal boundaries to improve selling opportunities by better understanding customers’ needs.

Despite a large amount of data being thrown at a company, BARTHELEMY TECHNOLOGIES PVT LIMITED has a team of Big Data analysts who can develop highly scalable solutions that aid the company in breaking it down into actionable information.

The following are ways we collaborate with clients around the world:


  • Customers are more satisfied.
  • Boost employee productivity by improving their workflow.
  • In order to better market to digital consumers, identify customer requirements. 
  • Keep your existing customers
  • Reduce costs


Big data: why is it important?

Because of its importance and impact, Big Data is a primary driver for us. Business entities can make significant, strategic adjustments to minimize costs and maximize profits by using Big Data. Companies can adjust their strategic course with the help of Big Data by predicting future trends.


As part of this transformation, BARTHELEMY TECHNOLOGIES PVT LIMITED has already envisioned and developed new business models and technologies. This has helped set an agenda for the future by helping us focus on data and improve outcomes for the business.